About the Trust

'He taungata. He taungata, He taungata'
It is people. It is people. It is people

From Stanley and Blanche Bason's enthusiasm and ideas to today's workers and visitors, it is people who make the Bason Botanic Gardens grow.  You are invited to become involved too, as a: visitor, friend of the Bason trust member, volunteer gardener, sponsor and benefactor.

Wanganui's Bason Botanic Gardens are run by the Wanganui District Council in partnership with the Bason Botanic Gardens Trust.

The Trust, formed in 1982, consists of the Board and members known as Friends of the Bason.  Friends receive an informative newsletter three times a year, e-note contact when there's news of interest and invitations to Friends' events such as plant sales, demonstrations and workshops where they have the opportunity to meet others with similar interests. The Trust Board, which includes local horticultural experts and Council officers, develops the strategic plan for the Gardens and with the Friends of the Bason, promote and support its development in many ways.  The WDC Parks and Recreation Department makes the appointments of curator, custodian, horticultural, mowing and tree maintenance contractors and works with the Trust in the development of the Gardens.

Friends of the Bason Volunteers Group works on individual projects from the newsletter delivery to development work, potting up, weeding and maintenance. In return the volunteers make new friends with similar interests and learn much from working with the botanical experts.  The usual Volunteer Gardeners Morning at the Bason is the last Tuesday of each month from 9.00 – 12.00. Meet at the succulent garden in the Homestead..

Membership of the BBGT - its easy - just send your name and full contact details, including email address, with the annual subscription to BBG Trust Treasurer, PO Box 778, Wanganui. (Subscription year: 1 July 2005 – 30 June 2006, Individual $(NZ)10.00, Family $(NZ)25)

Sponsors and benefactors enable dreams to become realitiesiMuch of the progress of the Bason is dependent on donations of time, expertise and finance, for which the Trust is very appreciative.  If you would like to make an annual donation with your membership, a project donation, an endowment or a gift of a memorial feature please contact the BBG Trust c/- email: wdc@wanganui.govt.nz  or post monetary donations to BBG Trust Treasurer, PO Box 778, Wanganui.

Bequests and donations may go towards:

  • Enhancement of the Endowment Fund to develop the Bason.  Our target is $1 million.
  • Large projects like the central Visitor Centre which will provide a base for education sessions, research facilities and archival storage for the Bason (approx $200,000)
  • Garden projects like the Lakeside walkway project ($20,000)
    or the computerised inventory ($5,000 )
  • Plant collection development (– up to $5,000)
  • Plant labelling – an ongoing project (Around $5,000)
  • Millennium Hill landscaping elements such as retaining walls, steps and paths (Up to $100,000)
  • Entrance gates, brick pillars and planting ($20,000 -$30,000)
  • Boothby Bush House extensions ($10,000 - $20,000)

We welcome your interest and involvement!


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